New 'Amped up' Set of Mini 'Foot Scrub-Ease', Shea Butter Soap, Walnut Shell Exfoliant, Super Fine Pumice, Antiseptic, Anti-Fungal and deodorizing Essential Oils, Aloe Vera Butter

$4.00 USD


Product Description

Set of our amped up 'Mini 'Foot Scrub-Ease', $4.00 for 3 soaps

Get your feet ready for summer with 'Foot Scrub-Ease' Shea Butter soaps. Made with Hemp Seed Oil to help rejuvenate rough, dry, cracked heels. The Shea Butter Base softens the skin on your feet. We even added a touch of our customers favorite base, Goat's Milk, to ensure your tootsies are the softest in town.

Lemongrass, Lime, and Eucalyptus Essential Oils along with the strong antiseptic and deodorizing Petitgrain Citronnier Essential Oil will kill bacteria and deodorize even the really stinky ones.

The Aloe Butter soothes your tired soles while Walnut Shell Exfoliant and super fine Pumice will remove that rough winter skin leaving you smooth, silky a.nd ready for the beach. Just a hint of gold mica gives it that 'something extra' you've been looking for.

The best part, the smaller the soap, the less time it sits around collecting bacteria. A great deal!

~~Soaps come in different shapes, but all orders will weight the same...4oz total.

New 'Amped up' Set of Mini 'Foot Scrub-Ease', Shea Butter Soap, Walnut Shell

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ok girls, you got to try this..I truly love this stuff!!I (Apple Green Tea Mask) mix it with egg whites I put it on,and I relax in the tub..with one of the sellers tea fizz bath (Tub Tea-Z) I get out I feel like a new women,i wash it of,my skin is refreshed and a hint of glow..i follow up with a toner that I also got for this seller (Neroli Water) and all I can say try it you will love it too
N.S. from Ohio

I love every piece!! The free gifts were amazing and my kids are loving bath time with nemos friends. The sugar scrub is amazing and the stick inside to stir is genius!! I will be ordering it again!! Thank you thank you thank you
S.C. from New York

I received your products today and I am so in love with them! In fact I ordered two more of the Smokin' Hot Dry Shampoo from your shop on I just couldn't resist plus they will make a great gift for my friends. Thank you for the samples as well!
R.Y. from Michigan

this is my second order of this,all I can say is LOVE IT!!! lighting fast shipping great seller
N.S. from Ohio

Your products is very very interesting and the packaging very good and elegant for the Greek market.
V.L. from Greece

Thank You! So far, I am loving your dry shamppoos! I am always leary about buying a scented formula. But I love the smell of both the smoking gun & smoking hot!! I used it on my hair the day I got it & it did a fantastic job without making my hair look like I just poured baby powder on it. I can't wait to try your samples too :) Thanks so much. I will be taking this with me on my annual camping trip to Hiawatha Music Festival in Marquette, Michigan. I always like to share my "finds" of the year with my friends there--and I will be sure to let them try this one. The added mica shimmer in these is a nice touch too. :)
A.T. from Michigan